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What is the significance of the words, ‘Satyam, Shivam and Sundaram’ in each and every one of our lives? Bhagawan lovingly answers for us today.

Know the Truth (Satyam) and the Truth shall make you strong, develop kinship with all, and free you from the bonds of lust and hate. Learn the lesson of ‘Shivam’: Swallow the poison of anger and greed, and make it ineffective in its effort to harm the world. Spread consolation and comfort through speech and action. Shiva wears the crescent on His crown so that the soft moonlight might mark out the pilgrim’s route to God, and make the journey less toilsome. He spreads joy and peace. But, Shiva hides the fiery, ferocious poison, behind the blue patch in His throat. That’s a lesson: Keep under restraint, within you, the qualities and tendencies that are anti-social, poisonous hatreds and competitive greed. Shivam doesn’t refer to any particular God or the Trinity. It includes all mankind, for man must realise that he is Shivam. Then, Sundaram too is a reminder that Truth is beauty, and Beauty is Divine, not mere physical beauty but, moral and spiritual beauty. Give up ugly thoughts, unpleasant speech and disgusting acts, and keep this ideal of beauty ever fresh in your mind!

– Divine Discourse, Oct 25, 1972.

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