How can we do justice to this human life that we have been gifted with?

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How can we do justice to this human life that we have been gifted with? Bhagawan lovingly explains so that we may live up to our potential.

What is the use of being born a human being if you do not foster human values such as Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema and Ahimsa? For all the human values, Love is the basis. Today, human beings are human in form but not human in practice. In some places, one finds people exhibiting human values outwardly without practising them whole-heartedly. Human values are not meant for pradarshana (exhibition) but are meant for nidarshana (example). Human values should be reflected in all your thoughts, words, and deeds. But today, there is only selfishness and self-interest in whatever man thinks, speaks, and does. Due to selfishness and self-interest, human values are totally lost. A small example: here you find many bulbs glowing. It is not enough that you have only bulbs, you also need to have wires and current. When the current flows through the wires and enters the bulbs, they start glowing. Likewise, in order to experience the light of Love, the current of Truth has to pass through the wires of Righteousness and enter the bulb of Peace.

– Divine Discourse, Oct 01, 1998.

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