What is the relationship between divine love and truth?

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What is the relationship between divine love and truth? Bhagawan gives us a profound message today!

God’s love is spontaneous, free from selfishness, unwavering, and always full. Ordinary human love is motivated by selfish considerations; liable to change owing to changes in time and circumstance. For persons immersed in such love, it is difficult to comprehend or realise the greatness of Divine Love. English philosopher Bacon has pointed out how the love of God is all-encompassing and unchanging and how it can grow into Universal love. Love wears the mantle of Truth. And one wedded to Truth is ever young and vigorous. The Upanishads declare that the votary of truth will not know old age. The Bible also declares that the body gets fortified by adherence to truth. Truth should not be confined to speech. It must express itself in action. Only the one who is truthful in word and deed can be esteemed as a genuine human being, according to Prophet Mohammed. Buddhism also lays down that everyone, irrespective of gender or country, must live up to Truth.

– Divine Discourse, Dec 25, 1984.

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