How can we drive away sadness, worry and fear?

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How can we drive away sadness, worry and fear? Bhagawan lovingly motivates and enthuses us today.

Cast away the vice of egoism, the evil of greed and the poison of envy. When you seek joy from something outside you, remember that a far greater joy lies in wait within your own inner consciousness.

When you are afraid of someone or something outside you, remind yourself that the fear is born, fed and fertilised in your own mind and that you can overcome it by denying it. How can fear counter the path of a spiritual aspirant? It can hide in no shadow, it can pester no sadhaka (spiritual aspirant) who has God in his heart.

Faith in the Almighty God is the impregnable armour that the sadhaka can wear; and peoples of all lands are sadhakas, whether they know it or not. Be steady, do not waver, keep straight on, and hold fast to the ideal without despair. Pray until God relents; do not turn away sadly if God does not shower grace when you expect it.

– Divine Discourse, Oct 01, 1976.

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