Why should people read Ramayana over and over again and introspect

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Why should people read Ramayana over and over again and introspect? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us of the relevance of Ramayana even today.


The world today is in dire need of the story of Rama. For one thing, sons today do not follow the injunctions of their fathers. Fathers do not set the right example for children. Disciples do not respect preceptors properly. Preceptors do not treat disciples with affection. There is no love lost even between friends! Relations are estranged amongst themselves. In all fields of life – in administration, agriculture, business or politics – discord is rampant. Divisions and conflict prevail in social, political and even spiritual fields! If you enquire into the causes for this situation, you find selfishness is at the root of it all. The basic elements are common to all mankind. The world is one family. All men are brothers. Rama preached to the world this basic truth. He taught the world the duties of everyday life, the social duties and family obligations. This triple stream of duties is the message of the Ramayana. Whoever bathes in this triple stream is absolved of his sins and is redeemed. Ramayana must be read, reread and lived up to by everyone!

– Divine Discourse, Apr 16, 1997.

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