How can we make our latent divine nature blossom?

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How can we make our latent divine nature blossom? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us today with an example.

There are four different qualities in man: humanness, animal nature, demonic nature and divine nature. When a man follows the dictates of the body, he is prey to his animal nature. When he is subject to the vagaries of the mind, he becomes demonic. When he is following the Atma, he is manifesting his Divinity. When he is governed by all three – the body, the mind and the Atma – he is human. When Ravana fell victim to the promptings of his mind, his demonic nature predominated over his other good qualities as a worshipper of Shiva and master of many sciences. Whenever a desire arises in the mind, one should exercise the power of discrimination and decide whether it is good or bad. This is the way to journey on the spiritual path. Each person must decide for oneself in which state one is placed.

– Divine Discourse, Oct 04, 1992.

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