How can we overcome sin, suffering and ignorance?

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How can we overcome sin, suffering and ignorance? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us today so that we may persist in it, consciously.

The increase of three tragedies: Papam, Tapam, and Ajnanam (Sin, Suffering and Ignorance) is a consequence of avoiding the knowledge and practice of Vedanta. The name usually given to the Reality that you are – ‘Rama’, is the cure for all three. Atma is known as Atma-rama because Rama means that which pleases and nothing confers such vast inexhaustible joy as the Atma. So, the word Rama means Atma. That word consists of three components: ‘Ra’, ‘a’ and ‘ma’. ‘Ra’ is the mystic representative of Agni (Fire) principle; it burns sin into ash, ‘a’ is the symbol of Surya (Sun) principle; it destroys the darkness of ignorance. ‘Ma’ is the symbol of the Chandra (Moon) principle; it cools the heat of suffering. So, ‘Rama’ overcomes all three tragedies and reveals the Truth, Beauty and Goodness. Repeat the Name ‘Rama’ with this significance in mind and you can feel its effect very soon!

-Divine Discourse, Apr 22, 1967.

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