Why is karma very powerful in influencing our future?

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Why is karma (actions we do daily), very powerful in influencing our future? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us so that we are conscious.

Can the bodies of people, their conditions, ups and downs people meet in life, can they not be the accumulated result of hereditary impacts and tendencies? Two things stand like parallel lines before us when we consider this subject: mental and material. If satisfactory solutions can be found in materialism for problems relating to human nature and its special qualities, then there can be no basis for believing that there is a factor called Atma or Divine! But it’s impossible to demonstrate that the capacity to think, for example, has evolved out of physical matter. When an item of work is done, again and again, it becomes a habit, a skill; doesn’t it? Therefore, skills or habits that a newborn exhibits must be due to constant repetition indulged in long ago. Of course, it must have taken place in many previous lives. So, it is necessary to posit the validity of this belief in past and future lives for all living beings! The conditions in which we must spend the future are determined by what we are doing now. Between one life and another, one death and the next, the individual either progresses or regresses, expands or shrinks.

– Sathya Sai Vahini, Ch 3.

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