How can we use sense organs for a sacred purpose?

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How can we use sense organs for a sacred purpose? Bhagawan lovingly guides us today.

The first thing man has to learn is the role of the Indriyas (sense organs). The sense organs are termed matras, meaning measuring instruments.

For instance, the tongue measures the taste of what it eats. The eyes evaluate the form of what it sees. It will notice that a man with a fat face has a snub nose. The senses recognise the differences among various objects in terms of size, quality, etc. The senses also have another function to discharge. They indicate to man the limits to which sensory objects should be used or enjoyed.

As the senses are God-given gifts, abuse of the senses by excesses will not only mean transgressing the divinely ordained limits but will also lead to many harmful consequences. Hence everyone has to adhere to the appropriate limits prescribed for the use of the senses.

– Divine Discourse, Oct 06, 1997.

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