What does God look for in a true devotee and his conduct?

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What does God look for in a true devotee and his conduct? Bhagawan lovingly shares with us in crystal clear terms, in His own inimitable style

The true devotee is deeply aware of the transitoriness of earthly triumphs. He knows that death is the final arbiter, God is the only dispenser, and so, he is firm and calm, whether it is foul or fair.

He will not slide or climb whatever happens. He knows that the God whom he adores is the Indweller in the blade of grass and in the most distant star. God gives ear to prayers that rise in all languages and even from the silence of the dumb. He has no trace of anger or worry. You too have no reason to develop anger and anxiety.

When the teeth bite your tongue do you get angry at them for hurting? Do you break the teeth that hurt it so? No. For, teeth and tongue are both yours, both you. Similarly, he who hurts you and you, are both limbs of the same body, God. Feel that one-ness and avoid hate.

– Divine Discourse, Jul 08, 1968.

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