How is the practice of sweet speech related to meditation?

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How is the practice of sweet speech related to meditation? Bhagawan poignantly reminds us today.

One important thing to be remembered is that it is possible and desirable to utilise the full power of words through softness and sweetness. If one is anxious to see God in every object, the sweetness of the word will be of immense help. Imagine how happy others will be in your presence, and how light your minds will become by the practice of softness of expression! When meditation is carried on in that happy atmosphere, how quickly concentration can be attained! Instead, if in conversation you use words that blame others and despise them, in turn you become the target of blame, and your mind gets agitated by the effect of both; then the object of meditation is not realised because the atmosphere turns impure. Therefore, if you really wish to be happy through meditation, as a preliminary to the process, you must be engaged either in joyful conversation or in happy thoughts and memories. Sweet and soft conversation helps meditation a great deal.

– Dhyana Vahini, Ch 10.

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