How should someone committed to the path of devotion lead their life?

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How should someone committed to the path of devotion lead their life? Divine Love Incarnate Bhagawan reminds us through a conversation between Yudhisthira and Draupadi.

When Dharmaja lost his vast empire and had to live in caves among the Himalayan ranges, Draupadi asked him, “Lord! You are undoubtedly the topmost amongst those who follow the path of dharma unwaveringly; how did such a terrible calamity happen to you?” Dharmaja replied, “Draupadi! Do not grieve. Look at this Himalayan range. How magnificent, beautiful and sublime it is! It is so splendid a phenomenon that I love it without limit. It will not grant me anything, but it is my nature to love the beautiful, the sublime. The embodiment of this sublime beauty is God. He is the only entity that is worth loving. This is the lesson that the age-long search of our Bharatiyas has revealed. This is why I love Him. I will not wish for any favour from Him. I will not pray for any boon. Let Him keep me where He loves to keep me. The highest reward for my love is His love!” Dharmaja understood that love is a divine quality and has to be treated so. He taught Draupadi that love is the spontaneous nature of those who are ever in the awareness of the Atma.

– Sathya Sai Vahini, Ch 1.

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