How should we practice the discipline of love?

by sssgc-srilanka
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How should we practice the discipline of love? Our Loving Lord leads us along this holy path of love today.

Love more and more people, love them more and more intensely; transform love into service, transform service into worship – that is the highest sadhana. There is no living being without the spark of love; even a mad man loves something or somebody intensely. But you must recognise this love as a reflection of the Premaswarupa (the Embodiment of Love) who is residing in your heart. Without that spring of Love that bubbles in your heart, you will not be prompted to love at all. Recognise that spring, rely on it more and more, develop its possibilities, try to irrigate the whole world with it, discard all touch of self from it, and do not seek anything in return for it from those to whom you extend it. In your daily affairs, do not create factions, or revel in hatred. See good in others and faults in yourselves. Revere others as having God installed in them; revere yourself also as the seat of God. Make your heart pure so that He can reside therein!

– Divine Discourse, Mar 26, 1965.

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