How should we consciously direct all the energy and love from within?

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How should we consciously direct all the energy and love from within? Bhagawan lovingly and poignantly reminds us today so that we may have the right attitude and goals in life.

Cultivate love for the Lord. It has infinite potentiality. An iron chain can be broken with ease, but not the chain of love that binds you to the Lord. The cruelest of animals can also be overpowered by love. If only floodwaters of this love were directed not to the lakes and shoals on the sides of rivers, but to the ocean of the Lord’s grace, what a holy task it would be! Then individuals would realise the purpose of life. This is the highest liberation! To direct that love onto the Name and Form of the Lord without interruption – that’s real meditation. Don’t mistake this temporary abode as your eternal dwelling place! Don’t lose heart at evanescent troubles and short-lived tragedies. Immerse yourselves in efforts to attain the eternal Lord. Everything in this world is subject to decay — if not today, at least tomorrow it’s bound to disintegrate, right? It is not right to reject the Lord, who is eternally related to you, and to be misled by this world with which one is related for just ‘two days’!

– Dhyana Vahini, Ch 8.

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