What is the greatest obstacle in our path of surrender?

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What is the greatest obstacle in our path of surrender? How can we overcome it? Bhagawan lovingly grants us precious guidance today.

The greatest obstacle on the path of surrender is egoism and mineness or possessiveness. It’s something inherent in your personality since ages, sending its tentacles deeper and deeper with the experience of every succeeding life. It can be removed only by the twin detergents of discrimination and renunciation. Devotion is the water to wash away this dirt of ages, and the soap is repetition of God’s name, meditation, and communion (yoga) – all this will help to remove it quicker and more effectively! The slow and the steady will surely win this race; walking is the safest method of travel, though it may be condemned as slow! Quicker means of travel mean disaster; the quicker the means, the greater the risk of disaster. Eat only as much as you feel hunger, for more will cause disorder. Proceed step by step in spiritual effort, making sure of one step before another. Don’t slide back two paces with one pace forward. Even the first step will be unsteady if you have no faith. So, cultivate faith!

– Divine Discourse, Aug 01, 1956.

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