How should we ensure balance in Nature?

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How should we ensure balance in Nature? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us today drawing parallels with the human body.

The body’s temperature has to be kept at a certain norm. If the temperature goes above or below that norm it is a sign of illness. Similarly if the five elements that constitute the natural environment are kept in balance, the world is in a healthy state.

If this balance is upset or if elements are polluted, then countries suffer in various ways. If products of science and technology result in upsetting the balance of Nature and pollute the atmosphere or rivers and seas, many harmful consequences follow. Pollution gives rise to many new diseases.

Today even pure air has become a rare commodity. Three-fourths of the earth is covered by water. There are many minerals in the ocean bed. But in extracting them, some limits should be observed. Otherwise, even the ocean, which has been adhering to its bounds, will exceed its limits. Even earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are caused by the unsettling of the ecological balance in Nature.

– Divine Discourse, Jun 16, 1983.

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