What is the true purpose of scientific study and exploration

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What is the true purpose of scientific study and exploration?  Bhagawan lovingly reminds us today.

When I attended a symposium in Bombay on “Science and Spirituality,” a prominent scientist said that the nuclear arsenals of the big powers contained enough atom bombs to destroy the world ten times over. What is the sense in building up such arsenals? If you have destroyed the world once, what is there left for the other bombs to destroy? In the process, you would have destroyed yourself. Those engaged in research seem to be more concerned about boosting their name and fame by their research than about promoting public well-being through the results of their research. Nor do they seem to be bothered about the harmful consequences of their discoveries. There is nothing great about causing harm to others. To destroy a million persons by a single bomb is no great thing. To do good to a single individual in the world is more praise-worthy. The scientific knowledge we acquire must be used for the benefit of our fellow-men. Only that is proper education which prepares the student for enlightened action. The pursuit of the Science of the Supreme Spirit (Parartha Vijnana Shastra) is more essential than involvement with the physical sciences (Padhartha Vijnanamu).

– Divine Discourse, Jun 16, 1983.

If peace is to be ensured, science has to be promoted on the right lines. – BABAa

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