How should we perform our actions in this world?

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How should we perform our actions in this world? Bhagawan lovingly explains through the example of the Sun.

Consider the service Sun does to this world! That’s within the daily experience of all; everyone is witness to that. The Sun is the source of all life, plant and animal, upon this planet. Without His rays, it would be a desolate waste. He draws up into the sky waters from seas and lakes, and from the clouds, He pours rain on crops. He is ever the deity of justice, scattering His rays equally on all. Surya is the great renunciant; unequalled for renunciation. He is the great yogi; performs His duty without thought of reward, without a second’s thought of His own glory! He is humble and steady in work. The service He does is something no one else can fulfil. The happiness He contributes is something no one else can confer. But He has no pretensions to pride. He moves about unconcerned with the consequences of His energising mission of service. Imagine the patience with which the Sun puts up with extreme heat for the sake of the world and of humanity. It is He who keeps the human body warm and comfortable!

– Gita Vahini, Ch 6.

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