Why is the study and internalisation of the Gita important?

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Why is the study and internalisation of the Gita important? On the day observed as Gita Jayanti, Bhagawan lovingly reminds us so that we may benefit from it.

The Gita is a text for spiritual practitioners, for it emphasises spiritual discipline and attitudes more than anything else. Every chapter lays down means and methods of reaching the goal of peace and harmony. The Gita is a boat, which takes people across from the self-imposed state of bondage to the freedom that is their nature. People are taken from darkness to light, from lusterlessness to splendour. The Gita ordains disciplines and duties that are free from the taints of tendencies and impulses that tie people to the relentless wheel of birth and death. Really speaking, people have come into this field of activity (karma-kshetra) only to engage themselves in activity, not to earn the fruit of such activity. That is the teaching of the Gita, its fundamental lesson. The Gita is the quintessence of the meaning of all the Vedas.

– Gita Vahini, Ch 1.

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