How should we use the supreme virtue of forgiveness?

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How should we use the supreme virtue of forgiveness? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us today so that we may learn the nuance of balance.

Today the situation in society is such that people try to misuse even the good actions of others. Even if you help them, they try to harm you. No doubt, one should help even those that harm. But you must use your discrimination while helping others.
Think to what extent you can help such people. I have told this story earlier also. When Mohammad Ghori attacked Prithvi Raj, he was completely defeated by him. But Prithvi Raj, being a large-hearted ruler, forgave him and let him go scot free. Later, Mohammad Ghori again attacked Prithvi Raj and defeated him. Mohammad Ghori made Prithvi Raj captive and blinded him. He did not have gratitude toward Prithvi Raj, who had earlier allowed him to go back unharmed.
You should, therefore, be cautious in practising forgiveness while dealing with a cruel person. No doubt, forgiveness is a great virtue, but it will do more harm than good if it is practised with respect to an evil-minded person.
You should forgive such a person once or at most twice. Do not forgive him every time he harms you, otherwise you will be put to danger.
– Divine Discourse, Jul 12, 1996.
To cleanse the mind, prayer is the water and repentance is the soap. Repentance must be followed by resolute determination not to repeat the wrong. – BABA

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