Why is it said that silence is the language of the wise

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Why is it said that silence is the language of the wise? Bhagawan lovingly explains through a beautiful anecdote.

People who have not touched the outskirts of the capital city dare dispute about the appearance and glory of the Emperor, who resides in the palace in the heart of the city! That is the pitiable state of scholarship today.

The Maharaja of Burdwan once held a conference where the excellences of Shiva and Vishnu were considered. The Panchakshari (five-letter) mantra of Shiva and the Ashtakshari (eight-letter) mantra of Vishnu were expounded by rival Pandits and extolled. The Maharaja wanted the chief priest of his palace, who was a great scholar and sadhaka, to pronounce his judgement.

He said that none of the Pandits had seen Shiva or Vishnu, though they were all prepared to argue on behalf of them. He declared that anyone who had seen either will be silent about not only what he had seen, but even of what he had not seen. That declaration put an end to the quarrels, and everyone returned home rather shamefaced at their inexperience!

– Divine Discourse, Jan 30, 1965.

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