Introduction to Education in Human Values – Third lesson

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How your child learns


Who are involved in the early childhood learning

Children, particularly the little ones, teenagers learn by seeing, hearing, exploring, experimenting, and asking questions. The child’s home environment must create positive sense impressions.

As children grow, they become more independent learners, they need your encouragement for learning. This is where the parents and elder family members have to involve in helping and encouraging the child to learn useful knowledge, and skills, and change the child’s attitudes. They can also encourage the child to like and practice human values

For example, encourage him/ her to feed birds, love pets, and accompany elders in doing so. Children at this stage need appreciation and rewards. Parents can appreciate his value developing behavior.

Little ones are naturally inquisitive and ask questions about many things. Never neglect such queries. Parents are the best to respond to his/her inquisitive questions because of mutual love between the child and parents.

The child in the school

The matured child from the home environment now comes to the school where there is a greater level of socializing. Teachers have the task of creating a challenging learning environment that encourages the child to be actively involved in the learning process. The teacher has to avoid a situation where he talks and the child listens, which is a very passive process.  The teacher has to create a system where the student is involved in hands-on activities such as simple experiments, observations, and making judgments. Often the same activities could be done in small groups to create greater socialization.


Judgment game: Good for kids five to ten years old. Ask the child to select the most appropriate figure to fill the empty circle out of the five figures shown below. Once a figure is chosen, ask the student the reason (s) why the choice is appropriate.

Parents have to ensure that the child’s education is not confined to the school. Many action-oriented learning experiences can be given at home.



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