What is the secret to seeking the Divinity that we truly are?

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What is the secret to seeking the Divinity that we truly are? Bhagawan lovingly and poignantly reminds us today so that we may not give up our Namasmarana.

You are truly the embodiment of truth, goodness and beauty. But you have misplaced the key which helps you to tap the springs. That key is in the realm of your inner consciousness; but like the old woman who lost a needle in her dark hut, and searched for it under the street lamp (because, as she said, there was a patch of light underneath it), man is searching for it in the region of material objects in the outer world. It is to persuade you to engage yourself in Namasmarana that I am Myself concluding My discourses with a few Namavalis (string of divine names) which I sing. An officer has to write on the slate, ‘A, B, C,’ and pronounce those letters, in order to teach his children the alphabet. You do not infer that he is himself learning the alphabet, do you? I am but initiating you into this most efficacious sadhana. Strengthen yourself, purify yourself, and educate yourself by this Nama-sankirtan (singing of the divine name). Do it loudly and in company. Let those who join you listen and also imbibe the nectar of the Name.

– Divine Discourse, Mar 29, 1968.

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