Poverty striken, isolated village deep in the jungle in Batticaloa district

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Aum Sri Sai Ram.
We have discovered a poverty striken, isolated village deep in the jungle in Batticaloa district, 12 km away from Sittandi, where there is a historical Murugan temple with its glorious tower overlooking the thick forest.
We visited this village Illukkupottanai on 22.02.2023.
One has to be courageous and take risk to enter this village using canoes ferry to across the large overflowing deep river.(photoes attached)
145 families live there with hardships and challenges almost leading a pathetic lives with limited facilities.

There is a school from grade 01 to 05 with poor attendance of students.
When dry season starts growing home vegetable gardens come to an end.

We found out that the soil is suitable for making clay bricks and skilled labourers are available.
There is a good demand for it.
We have also identified lands where peanuts can be grown. 12 acres of land with two dug wells are available.
It can be given to 12 families.
A Bhajan Mandalee can started here too.
We have to draw a plan how are we going help these downtrodden people.

Jai Sai Ram.


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