Why should religious bigotry be eschewed altogether?

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Why should religious bigotry be eschewed altogether? Bhagawan clearly and firmly reminds us today.

Persons unaware of the Omnipresence of God develop antagonisms among themselves based on religion, caste and race.

All religions have accepted the timelessness and the Omnipresence of God. So, it is strange that even those who accept this truth display such narrowness of mind.
For, hatred between people professing different religions leads ultimately to the destruction of faith in religion itself. Those who are bent upon destroying religion must be utterly empty-headed.

What has to be destroyed is religious bigotry, not religion itself. To despise other people’s religion out of love for one’s own religion is like demonstrating one’s love for one’s mother by denigrating the mothers of others.

One should realise that other people have the same regard and devotion for their faiths, as one has for one’s own religion. Youngsters of today should, while cultivating attachment to their own religion, respect the beliefs and practices of all others.

– Divine Discourse, Jul 24, 1983.

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