To ensure life is a journey towards God, how should it be led?

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To ensure life is a journey towards God, how should it be led? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us so that we may not fritter away this opportunity.

To a superficial observer, life appears to be a rotation of eating, drinking, toiling, and sleeping. But verily life has a much greater meaning, a much deeper significance. Life is a sacrifice (yajna). Each little act is an offering to the Lord. If the day is spent in deeds performed in this spirit of surrender, what else can sleep be except total immersion in God (Samadhi)? People commit the great fault of identifying themselves with the body. People accumulate a variety of things for the upkeep and comfort of the body. Even when the body becomes weak and decrepit with age, people attempt to bolster it through one means or another. But how long can death be postponed? When Yama’s warrant comes, each has to depart. Position, pride, and power – all vanish before death. Realising this, strive day and night, with the purity of body, mind and spirit, to realise the Higher Self by the service of all living beings.

– Prema Vahini, Ch 6.

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