What is the secret art of inaction in action?

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What is the secret art of inaction in action (Akarma in Karma)? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us so that we can consciously transform our views and ways of life.

Just as a work being done or an activity that one is engaging in can be referred to as karma, no work being done and no activity being engaged in are also karma! On seeing people silent and calm, sitting quiet and doing nothing, we infer that they are free from activity. How, then, can they be described as doing activity? What is meant by saying, “They are not doing any work; they are not engaged in any activity”? That statement only means that “They are engaged in keeping themselves away from any work or activity.” So, it can be affirmed that people sometimes are busy doing work and sometimes busy keeping work away from their attention; that is to say, they are engaged in activity (karma) as well as inactivity (akarma). If they are not engrossed or attached with the action they do and are engaged in it as their duty, as their way of worship, and if they are not attached to the fruit of their action, then they can practise inactivity even in action. This is the highest spiritual discipline.

– Sathya Sai Vahini, Ch 18.

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