What are some techniques to keep our minds focused on Namasmarana?

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What are some techniques to keep our minds focused on Namasmarana?  Bhagawan lucidly explains to us today.

Do not be under the impression that I will be angry with you if you do not accept Me as the Form for meditation! I am not concerned at all; you have perfect freedom to select the Name and Form that gives you the necessary encouragement. When you meditate, the mind often runs after something else, it takes another road. You have then to plug that outlet by means of the Name and Form and see that the even flow of your thoughts towards the Lord is not interrupted; if it happens again, use Name and Form again, quickly. Do not allow the mind to go beyond the twin bunds, this side Name and that side Form! Then it will not stray into a third place. First, when you sit for meditation, recite a few verses on the glory of God, so that the thoughts that are scattered could be collected. Then gradually, while doing the repetition of the Name, draw before the mind’s eye the Form that that Name represents.

– Divine Discourse, Feb 23, 1958.

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