What are the qualities a student should cultivate to be recognized as cultured and learned?

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What are the qualities a student should cultivate to be recognised as cultured and learned? On a day that is observed as Teachers’ Day in India, Bhagawan lovingly reminds us!

The Vijnana Samhita in Shikshavalli expounds on the conjunction between teacher, student, and the learning that arises therefrom. It stresses the importance of spiritual education, in addition to secular education through the education of the heart. This Samhita also imparts some essential teachings for one’s conduct in life. The sacred injunctions contained in the Samhita shine as beacon lights to mankind afflicted with limitless desires and meaningless yearnings. These injunctions are: Speak Truth; Observe Righteousness; Foster knowledge with diligence; Abstain from vicious deeds; Perform worthy acts; Respect most meticulously the regulations laid down by society for leading a disciplined life in the community; As a householder practise charity according to your capacity; Show reverence and obedience to elders; And exercise extreme vigilance with regard to your duties and relationship with your kith and kin and fellow human beings.

– Divine Discourse, Nov 22, 1984.

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