What are the two things that are essential to lead a meaningful life?

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What are the two things that are essential to lead a meaningful life? Bhagawan lovingly guides us today in crystal clear terms!

Apart from the exercise of diligence in food consumed, there should be also Daiva chintana (contemplation of the Divine). Because people don’t think of God they are subjected to a lot of misery.
Without divine thought, man is harbouring two bad qualities. One – he hides many defects and evil qualities within himself. The other – he magnifies even minor faults in others. Because of such evil qualities among human beings, diseases are also on the increase.
Only when human effort is there, with God’s grace, good results will be attained. The Sanskrit saying declares “Dharmartha Kama Mokshanam Arogyam Mulam Utthamam” (For the attainment of the four goals of life, good health is essential). Even though one may have all the wealth in the world, if his health is impaired, he is miserable.
Whether a villager or an urban dweller, good health is the most important acquisition one should aspire for to lead a meaningful life.
– Divine Discourse, Jan 29, 1994.
Man’s mind shines with resplendent purity if he cultivates noble thoughts, ideas and feelings. It is only by developing the purity of mind that we can ensure the purity of action. Only pure deeds can yield pure results. – BABA

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