What should the acquisition of knowledge do to us

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What should the acquisition of knowledge do to us? Bhagawan lovingly guides the students of today to be valuable citizens of tomorrow.

The true form of knowledge is humility. Eschewing pride and self-conceit, pursue the right goal. Students today are acquiring considerable scientific knowledge. It serves only to promote civilised living in the phenomenal world.

But what the students need today is the refinement of the heart. This is possible only through an internal process. Students who have imbibed modern culture should not only develop their intellects but should also develop a broad outlook.

In these times, students have a two-fold duty: One is to face the challenges of modern civilization, and the other is to protect and preserve the ancient spiritual and cultural heritage of the country. Students should shine as ideal citizens of the nation. A complete education is that which makes a man compassionate. Besides giving appropriate exercises to the body, students should strive to cultivate the heart and keep it pure.

– Divine Discourse, Mar 04, 1993.

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