What is required for an individual to realise one’s full potential?

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What is required for an individual to realise one’s full potential? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us through simple examples today.

Man is but the reflection of God. Humanity is very proximate to Divinity; but man seldom recognises this nearness. He allows his mind to lower him into the animal level, from which he struggled upward through many births. A diamond may appear as a piece of glass; but only those who do not know its value will use it as a paperweight and keep it on the table in the office room. Wise men will keep it inside an iron safe, under lock and key. Man is a diamond, not a piece of glass; he has to shine brilliantly, after going through the process of “cutting” or samskara (refinement). Samskara transforms man into God – manava into Madhava. We have a watch on our wrist, which costs Rs 500 or 600 or even 1,000. The steel out of which the entire watch was made may cost only four annas; but the samskara it underwent by means of human skill and intelligence raised its value and usefulness. Man too can transform himself into a priceless instrument for God-realisation through the proper use of his mind and intelligence.

– Divine Discourse, Nov 06, 1967.

It is the realisation of oneness with the Divine, which alone can give lasting bliss.  –  BABA

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