What is the best service and when should it be rendered?

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What is the best service and when should it be rendered? Bhagawan enlightens us today through a short story.

There was a king, who questioned many scholars and sages, “Which is the best service and when is the best time to render it?” He couldn’t get any satisfying answer. One day while pursuing the forces of a rival king, he got separated from his troops in a thick jungle! He rode long, and became exhausted and hungry. Finally, he reached a hermitage. An old monk received him kindly and offered him a welcome cup of cool water. After a little rest, King asked his host the question that was tormenting him: “Which is the best service?” The hermit said, “Giving a thirsty man a cup of water.” What is the best time to render service?” The answer was, “When the thirsty man is coming from far, and is desperately looking for it.” The act of service is not to be judged, according to cost or publicity; it may be only offering of water. But the need of the recipient, the mood of the person who offers – these decide whether the act is gold or lead! Fill every act of yours with Love. Let no one suffer the slightest pain as a result of your thought, word or deed. Make this your sadhana!

– Divine Discourse, May 24, 1967.

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