What should we seek and aspire for as we go through this life?

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What should we seek and aspire for as we go through this life? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us of why striving for this now is all important.

Many times in human history, Avatars (Divine Incarnations) have come and awakened man. But, the animal past and the demonic delusion drag him into the mire, where he foolishly revels in sensual, physical and transient trivialities. This is a splendid chance to fulfil your human existence. The Ananda (Bliss) that you hope to derive from kith and kin, from wealth and worldly fame, is but a pale shadow of the Ananda that resides in the spring of your heart, where God dwells. Try to contact that spring; go to the very source; be centred in the Atma or the God within. Few seek real Ananda; many are led away by the pseudo-ananda of the senses, the intellect and the mind. Real Ananda springs only from Truth. And Truth is the Dharma or duty of each to himself. Seek Truth, serve Truth, be Truth. Truth will reveal itself when the heart is saturated in Love.

– Divine Discourse, July 1970.

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