What is the easiest and surest way to destroy ego?

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What is the easiest and surest way to destroy ego? Bhagawan poignantly reminds us today.

You must have heard the Kalidasa story. He said that he would get liberation, “as soon as I go,” that is to say, as soon as the ego disappears, for then he shines in his native splendour, as Brahman (as the indestructible Atma). The ‘I’, when crossed out, becomes the symbol of the cross; remember, what is crucified is the ego. Then, the divine nature manifests itself unhampered. The ego is most easily destroyed by devotion, by dwelling on the magnificence of the Lord, and by rendering service to others as children of the Lord. You can call on the Lord by any name, for all names are His; select the Name and Form that appeals to you most. That is why 1000 names are composed for the various forms of God; you have the freedom and the right to select any one of the thousand.

– Divine Discourse, Mar 25, 1958.

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