What is the wealth the Lord chooses to distribute freely?

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What is the wealth the Lord chooses to distribute freely? How must we use it? Bhagawan lovingly implores us to ponder!

Prema (love) must transform all relationships: social, economic, educational, professional, family, religious, legal, and others. The father must love the child a little more intensely and intelligently; mother must spread love to all who come within her influence; children must love servants. The sense of equality that everyone is the repository of the divine essence must transmute social and individual behaviour! You can call Me “Embodiment of Divine Love” (Premaswarupa)! You will not be wrong! Prema is the wealth that I have and I scatter it amongst the miserable and afflicted. I have no other riches. The Grace of the Lord is always flowing like the electric current through the wire. Fix a bulb, and current to the extent of the wattage, will illumine your home! The bulb is the spiritual exercises you perform; the home is your heart. Come to Me gladly; dive into the sea and discover its depth; there is no use dipping near the shore and swearing that the sea is shallow and has no pearls. Dive deep and you will secure your desire!

– Divine Discourse, Jul 22, 1958.

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