What is the essence of spiritual learning?

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What is the essence of spiritual learning? How should it reflect in our actions? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us today.

Spiritual learning impels one to pour one’s narrow ego into the sacrificial fire and foster in its place universal love, which is the foundational base for the superstructure of spiritual victory. Love that knows no limits purifies and sanctifies the mind. Let the thoughts centre around God, let the feelings and emotions be holy, and let activities be the expression of selfless service. Let the mind, heart and hand be thus saturated in good. Spiritual education has to take up this task of sublimation. It must first instil the secret of service. Service rendered to another has to confer full joy in all ways. Spiritual education must emphasise that in the name of service (seva), no harm, pain, or grief should be inflicted on another. While rendering service, the attitude of its being done for one’s own satisfaction should not tarnish it. Service has to be rendered as an essential part of the process of living itself. This is the real core of spiritual education (vidya).

– Vidya Vahini, Ch 8.

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