What is the true nature of Brahman and how can we contemplate on it?

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What is the true nature of Brahman and how can we contemplate on it? Bhagawan lovingly guides us today!

Being, consciousness, bliss, fullness, eternity (sat, chit, ananda, paripurna, nitya) — Brahman is described by these five attributes. Through an understanding of these, Brahman can be grasped. Being is unaffected by time. Consciousness illumines and reveals itself as well as all else. Bliss creates the utmost desirability. Fullness knows no defect or diminution or decline or defeat. Eternity is that which is unaffected by the limitations of space, time and objectification. In light of this knowledge of Brahman (Brahma-jnana), the world is a mirage – temporary, unreal, and negated by knowledge. But remember that “you”, the individual (jiva), the seer, are “being, consciousness, bliss, Brahman”. Get fixed in that assurance; meditate on the Om, which is its best symbol. Become aware from this moment that you are the Atma. When the fog of ignorance vanishes, the Atma in each will shine in its native splendour. Then you know that you were pursuing a mirage in the desert sands, that you were taking as “real” objects that had a beginning and therefore had an end.

– Upanishad Vahini, Ch 12.

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