What is the key to success, be it worldly or spiritual?

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What is the key to success, be it worldly or spiritual? On the holy occasion of Bakrid, Bhagawan lovingly reminds us of the six qualities we must cultivate.

Where the six qualities of zeal, determination, courage, intelligence, ability and heroism are present, there Divine help is manifest. Embodiments of love! In any field, at any time, for any man who is endowed with all these six precious qualities, success is assured. These qualities contribute to the all-round prosperity of a man. All success comes to one with these six qualities. However, these qualities confront various difficulties from time to time. Just as a student has to face various tests, these qualities are also subject to trials. Such trials should be regarded as stepping stones to one’s high achievements. These trials are in the form of losses, troubles, pains, sufferings and calumny. One has to overcome these troubles with courage and self-confidence and go ahead. Students in particular have to develop self-confidence. Without self-confidence the six qualities cannot be acquired. In fact, self-confidence should be the life-breath of every person.
– Divine Discourse, Jan 14, 1997.

You should consider self-confidence as the most important asset in life. Without self-confidence you can never attain bliss. – BABA

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