Why is it important to not fear about the worst outcome

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Why is it important to not fear about the worst outcome? What is the most beneficial quality to cultivate? Bhagawan lovingly guides us today sweetly, in crystal clear terms!

One must always have calm thoughts. Only then can one’s mind have equanimity. It is just a question of the discipline of the mind — difficult in the beginning, but once mastered, capable of conquering all troubles and worries!

An unruffled mind is very necessary for every aspirant who is marching forward; it is a very beneficial quality. Such a mind gives real strength and happiness. Strive to gain it. Even if calamity befalls, you should not lose heart. The mind must ever be pure, untarnished, and calm, full of courage.

No weeping for the past, no faltering in performance of task at hand – that’s the mark of an aspirant. Elation at profit, joy, and cheer; dejection at loss and misery — these are natural characteristics common to all mortals. What, then, is the excellence of aspirants? They should not forget the principle: Be vigilant and suffer the inevitable gladly.

When difficulties and losses overwhelm you, do not lose heart and precipitate some action, but meditate calmly on how they came to be. Try to discover some simple means of overcoming or avoiding them, in an atmosphere of peace.

– Ch 6, Prasanthi Vahini.

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