What is the one fundamental understanding we must cultivate to experience Divinity? Bhagawan lovingly and firmly reminds us today

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There is in everyone a spark of truth; none can live without that spark. There is in everyone a flame of love; life becomes a dark void without it. That spark, that flame, is God, for He is the source of all Truth and all Love. One seeks truth; one seeks to know reality because one’s very nature is derived from God, who is Truth. One seeks Love, to give and share, for one’s nature is of God and God is Love. Like paddy seed, which contains rice, the husk is the delusion (maya) that covers the seed within; rice is the individual soul, and the essence of the rice, the sustaining element, the food – that is the Supreme Atma. So, develop inner vision; don’t worry about others and their faults. Do a little examination of the Self. Study Upanishads and spiritual texts — they might help you a little. Remember, only a little help! They are but maps and signposts. You must put them into practice; act and experience.

Divine Discourse, Sep 01, 1958.

Man alone has the capacity to recognise the latency of the Divine within; other beings do not have this capability. – BABA

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