What is the role of devotion and wisdom in this journey to God?

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What is the role of devotion and wisdom in this journey to God? Bhagawan clearly explains to us today.

Devotion and wisdom are like the pair of bullocks for the cart. Both have to pull in unison. Each must keep pace with the other and help the other to drag the weight quicker. Wisdom has to help the increase of devotion; devotion has to contribute to the growth of wisdom. It is because of this mutual help, this collaboration, that the cowherd maids of Brindavan were able to attain liberation. Their devotion towards Lord Krishna also endowed them with the highest wisdom. Now, the essence of devotion as well as wisdom is peace, the highest type of peace, the supreme peace. Supreme peace (prasanthi) leads one on to the glory of spiritual effulgence (prakanti), and thence to the super effulgence of the highest revelation (param-jyothi). Wisdom is a concomitant of devotion, its component part. Love fixed on God is most beneficent. It produces the greatest good. It will not bind people to the earth. It will take them by the hand along the road to liberation.

– Prasanthi Vahini, Ch 27.

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