What is the sign of a truly wise person?

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What is the sign of a truly wise person? Bhagawan lovingly explains to us today so that we may introspect where we are in our journey to God.

What does the expression “to know God” mean? It means “to love God”. Knowledge without devotion produces hatred; such knowledge leads to misused power; it is not knowledge worth the name, instead it is ignorance, mistaken for its opposite. It is only through devotion that wisdom becomes established and deep-rooted. What is the sign of a wise person (Jnani)? It is love, the possession of ever-widening love. When devotion, or in other words, love toward the Lord, dawns, ignorance will vanish step by step. Devotion and hatred cannot coexist; they are contradictory. Devotion and love, however, are of the same nature. The worldly person is infected with love only toward material objects, but the same love, when it assumes the form of devotion or love of God, leads one on to the realisation of the Godhead itself.

– Prasanthi Vahini, Ch 27.

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