Why should we give importance to sports and games in our life

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Why should we give importance to sports and games in our life?

Bhagawan lovingly explains today, as His students offer their displays as part of the Annual Sports and Cultural Meet.

In this vast country, everyone has an important role to play. Everyone as a citizen has a social responsibility. The world indeed is one human family. The true student should be able to experience this oneness. Sports and games enable students to develop this feeling of oneness. Sports and games and physical exercise contribute directly to physical fitness and good health. But man is not merely the gross body alone. He has the subtle element in him, namely, the mind. It is only when man achieves purity of mind and develops unselfishness that he can acquire peace of mind and experience genuine happiness. Hence both physical fitness and mental purity are essential for man. Students should realise that the determination and perseverance they show in seeking to win laurels in sports and games are also equally necessary in other spheres of life, especially in those of morality and spirituality.

– Divine Discourse, Jan 14, 1989.

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