What is the true form of Dharma that we must adhere to?

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What is the true form of Dharma that we must adhere to? How is it defined? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us today with precious pearls of wisdom.

True dharma is to be immersed in Atmic bliss, to have the inner vision, the steady faith in the identity of one’s real nature with the Absolute, and the realisation that all is Brahman – these four are the authentic dharma. In this physical existence as particular individuals, these four are named truth, peace, love, and nonviolence for the convenience of practice of this inner dharma of Atmic reality, so that all individuals, who are also personifications of that Absolute, can follow them in daily life. The mode of pursuit of dharma, now, as in the past, is to adhere to these high principles in every act and thought. These, the fundamental and the derived, must be coordinated and harmonised. Then only can it be termed Atma-dharma. It does not matter what your activity is or what name and form you have chosen. A chain is a chain whatever the material; it binds whether it is iron or gold, doesn’t it? So too, whether the work is of this type or that, as long as the Atma-dharma is the base and the Absolute Principle (Atma-thathwa) is the root, it is dharma, beyond doubt. Such work will bless one with the fruit of peace.

– Dharma Vahini, Ch 2.

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