Why does the Lord come in a human form?

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Why does the Lord come in a human form? Bhagawan explains with a memorable example on this day, when a significant event occurred in the Sai Avatar.


You might have heard some people say that I became Sai Baba when a scorpion stung Me! Well, I challenge any one of you to get stung by scorpions and transform yourself into Sai Baba. No, the scorpion had nothing to do with it!

In fact, there was no scorpion at all! I came in response to the prayers of sages, saints, and spiritual aspirants for the restoration of dharma (righteousness). When there is a sign of a little unrest, the police constable appears on the scene; if the mob gets unruly, the inspector rushes in; and if it becomes violent, the Superintendent of Police has to be personally present on the scene to quell it.
If, however, the situation waxes hot, the Inspector General has to make himself available, is it not? This is a situation in which the Inspector General is taking over all charge of the situation.

The sages, savants, saints, yogis, and divine personalities have had their try, and they will all be cooperating in the task of re-establishing righteousness and clearing the path for the world attaining absolute peace (shanti).

– Divine Discourse, Feb 23, 1958.

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