Why is it so important to master the mind?

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Why is it so important to master the mind? Bhagawan clearly and firmly reiterates this for us today.

If man yields to the mind and its vagaries, and the mind is enslaved by the senses and their fancies, man cannot escape calamity. The mind prompts man to seek happiness, and avoid misery; it creates the distinction and deludes the activity; it pushes forward and pulls back, tossing man back and forth, throughout his life. The idea of happiness, which is often only another form of comfort, arises in the mind and gets concretised as objects shaped by the hands and brains of man like the aeroplane, the radio, and even the bomb that devastates and delights the mind saturated with hate. Ideas, desires, cravings, yearnings – these get actualised and so, the world is only the product of the mind. In fact, the Universe is itself the manifestation of the Divine Mind, which willed, Ekoham bahusyam: “I am one, let Me become many!” The Universe arose in the mind of God, it sprouted and spread there, and since then, the mind has become potent and permeating. For each of you, it is the mind that colours the world. If it is pure, the world is congenial; if it is unclean, the world is replete with jeopardy.

– Divine Discourse, Jul 23, 1971.

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