Why is the purity of the heart of utmost importance?

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Why is the purity of the heart of utmost importance? Bhagawan lovingly gives us a beautiful explanation today.

First of all, fill your heart with love for God. Your heart is like a tank, and the senses are like taps. When you fill the tank of your heart with love, the sweet water of love will flow through the taps of senses. As are the feelings in your heart, so are the actions. When your heart is full of love, all your actions will be suffused with love. If you throw a stone into a well, it will create ripples in the entire well. Likewise, when you throw a stone of a good or bad thought in the lake of your mind, its effect will spread to all the limbs of your body. When a bad thought enters your mind, your eyes will see evil, your hands will do evil, your speech will become evil, your ears will hear evil, and your feet will walk to only evil places. The effect of thoughts will spread in the entire body right from top to toe. Heart is most important. When the heart is not pure, life becomes meaningless.

– Divine Discourse, Jul 23, 1996.

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