Sri Vedanarayan Visit Sri Lanka

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Sai Ram all devotees
Swami has given a precious moment for the SSSOO.  Sri Vedanarayan, a learned Vedic scholar from Prashanthi Nilayam is visiting Sri Lanka from 20th to 25th January, 2023. As the first dignitary from the GLOBAL COUNCIL he will conduct programmes in the North, East and Colombo. I am sending you the invitation for a valuable discourse and discussion to take place at Kalaham, Colombo 6. You are welcome to join. Sai Ram!

Locations of Sri Vedanarayana’s meetings in the North and East
North: Manipay Sai School
East: Akkaraipattu Sai Centre.
Colombo: Kalaham Hall, Rudra Mawatha. Wellawatta

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