What is the surest way to live in peace and joy?

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What is the surest way to live in peace and joy? Bhagawan lovingly explains to us a powerful technique that we can easily practice.


My suggestion to you today is this: just as you attend to the needs of the body, feeding it three times a day, in order to keep it in good running condition, so too spend some time regularly every day to keep your Inner Consciousness in good trim. Spend one hour in the morning, another at night, and a third in the early hours of dawn, the Brahma-muhurta as it is called, for repetition of the Name and meditation on the Lord. You will find great peace descending on you and great new sources of strength welling up within you as you progress in this spiritual discipline. After some time, the mind will dwell on the Name wherever you are and whatever you are engaged in, and peace and joy will be your inseparable companions!

– Divine Discourse, Mar 25, 1958.

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